Mr Blue Sky

Blue sky with cloudsI’m happy to report that the thought of getting to talk about Game of Thrones again on a regular basis makes me feel like “Mr. Blue Sky!

I was going to record a short podcast welcoming myself back….but upon further reflection, I realized two things:

1. It sounded like a pompous and douchy thing to do!

2. And….more importantly, all I really want to talk about is this GREAT HBO show that we all love.

So, instead, here is the upcoming schedule:

1. Every Sunday night / Monday morning, for the next few weeks, I will put out my thoughts on every single episode of GOT’s Season #4. I will cover one episode per podcast and try to have guests on so that I can pick their brains on the wonder that was this last season.

2. After CBB covers all 10 episodes of the last season, I will get back to those character / theme studies that I love so much. These will be shorter, but more detailed podcasts, covering:

*New Characters

*Re-examining old characters

*Comparing and contrasting pairs of characters

* Talking about how characters either support or buck the major themes of the story.

All of this will be discussed with my usual enthusiasm, irreverence and love for both the source material, as well as the TV show.

***Remember***Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things” is basically a TV show-friendly podcast.

There will no spoilers from future book material!

Having said that, I may occasionally do a book-reader’s-only podcast, but I will announce that in advance.

I will be uploading the new podcast episode by Monday morning. Hope you enjoy it!


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There’s No Place Like Home….

1744719Hello all you Game of Throner’s out there!

After a VERY long hiatus…in which your fearless leader was dealing with some very demanding personal crap, I AM BACK, BABY!

Sorry for the absence….and THANK YOU for ALL the well wishes and the outpouring of support both for the blog/podcast and for me personally.

I can’t say how much I’ve appreciated it!

But, as they say, back to business….

The business of this TV show and story we all love…..Game of Thrones!

In the upcoming weeks I will be putting up a regular podcast again, as well as writing blog posts here at the website.

Here are a few things to look out for:

1. A recap and meditation on every single episode of season 4 of the show

2. More of the character analysis stuff that I love

3. A further examination on the themes of the story

4. Games and countdowns

My plan is to deliver all of these things with enthusiasm and silliness and a sense of fun.

To all my long time followers….I missed you and I hope I can continue to deliver what you love.

To any new peeps, pull up a chair, pour yourself a big glass of the best Dornish wine, and welcome aboard!

A more concrete schedule announcement will soon follow….








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Podcast Episode #66: “I Wanna Do Real Bad Things With You”

adult-villain-large2Welcome to a NEW episode of “Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things.”

THE Game of Thrones companion podcast!

I Wanna Do Real Bad Things With You

In today’s episode, I officially kick-off “Countdown 2013” season, by listing off the…..

5 Biggest Baddies of Game of Thrones!

I welcome back Tracee and John Marius to react to the countdown and share their thoughts on these dastardly characters!

On the docket today:

1. Baddies

2. Creeps

3. Black villains

4. Sleezoids

5. Crazy crackpots

These people are some of the most interesting and dynamic characters in the story.

Yes, they turn my stomach, but they have altered the story and are always watchable.

So let’s tip our black hats to these prince and princesses of swarm!



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Podcast Episode #65b: “Shall We Dance”

Corominas - A Dance with Dragons*****Book Readers Only Podcast!!!!*****

Welcome to a NEW “Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things

Shall We Dance

This is a BONUS episode for those of you who have read all the books in the “Song of Ice and Fire” series…..particularly the fifth book, “A Dance With Dragons“.

If you’re just watching the TV show, please do NOT listen to this extra episode.

I am joined by John Marius, who just finished reading the book and had a fresh reaction to the material.

With the release of this book, Act II of the story is now over, and we can look forward to the final act of this grand saga.

It’s big, messy, complicated but also beautiful, character-driven and eventful.

On the docket today:

1. The tragic poetry of Theon Greyjoy

2. Daenerys Targaryn: A Portrait in Paralysis

3. The ninja-like Arya Stark

4. Tyrion Lannister: Drunk, beaten and broken

5. Jon Snow: Pro-active Leadership

6. Where is Bran?

7. How much we love Asha and Victarion Greyjoy!

Hope you enjoy this discussion about a blinder of a novel.



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Podcast Episode #65a: “The Circle Game”

chivalryWelcome to a new episode of “Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things

The Circle Game

In today’s Game of Thrones-centric episode, I discuss some important themes in the story:

Duty and Honor.

Valar Morghulis…..Valar Dohaeris!

Duty and honor play an ALL important role in both the story and in the character’s lives.

The very concepts seem to be changing…..but into what?

On the docket today:

1. Flying solo!

2. The “Old Guard”

3. Fracturing and transition

4. Two very different factions

5. What will honor and duty mean in the future?

With the “old guard” all but gone, where will these crucial traits go  in the future?

How will they change? Will it be for the better or the worse?

And most importantly… will these changes affect our characters? Their lives and their very souls seem to hang in the balance…..

Now, that’s interesting!



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The Dog Days of Summer…..

summerWelcome back to Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things.

I’m putting this out a little late, but here is the podcast schedule for the month of August!

We’re into the dog days of summer, but still truckin’ along with plenty of Game of Thrones material.

There will be a NEW podcast episode every Monday that will be TV show friendly, as well as at least ONE bonus episode for book readers only.

Here is the schedule:

1. An Exploration of Honor and Duty: Valar Morghulis/Valar Dohaeris! The concept of duty and honor runs through the entire story. It’s explored through many storylines and many characters. Martin even sneaks in quite a few tweaks to this standard fantasy trope. Tune in for a chat about this important theme!

2. The 5 Biggest Bads of Game of Thrones: In this episode, I’ll reveal my very first countdown of the off-season! There are A LOT of bad guys in this story…..but who are the five worse! I’ll reveal my picks.

3. Sansa Stark…..Pros and Cons: As you ALL know by now, I love the oldest daughter of Ned and Catelyn Stark, but in this fun episode, I’ll debate a special guest about the pros and cons of this rather divisive character…..and I’ll take the con position!

4. Tyrion Lannister…..Anti-Hero: In this final episode of the month, a special guest and I will dig deep into this fan favorite. Tyrion Lannister in one of Martin’s most vivid creations. Complicated, tortured, intelligent, funny…..with a streak of humanity that we can all identify with. But is Tyrion really a hero? What are his drawbacks? We’ll discuss it all in this fun episode.

In addition to these “regular” episodes, there will be at least one “book readers” only bonus podcast sometime throughout the month!

Thanks to all regular listeners…..and welcome to all the new ones!


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Episode #64: “Someone To Pull The Trigger”

DanSantat(1)_0Welcome to a new episode of the Game of Thrones-centricCripples, Bastards and Broken Things.”

Someone To Pull The Trigger

Henchmen…..#2’s…..2nd Bananas…..

Today I welcome back, for the second week in a row, Timm Hines and John Marius, to help me talk about the “Men Behind the Men” in Game of Thrones.

These men are dynamic and complicated and interesting in their own right, and deserve our attention!

On the docket today:

1. A celebration of the greatest #2…..Bubba!

2. A pair of Wildling #2’s

3. Revenge of the Nerd!

4. Hodor!!!!!!!

5. Edmure Tully: Always the “little brother”

6. Loras Tyrell: Tough, Gay and Fabulous!

7. Bronn and The Hound: A mirror trick

8. The 3 Fates (Male Edition)

These henchmen and #2’s not only propel the story forward, but often give us keen insight into the men or groups that they serve.

Honor and duty are big themes in this story, and these men highlight those themes magnificently.




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